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Becky Kilimnik

I am currently located in metro Atlanta.

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A little bit about me:

I am a seasoned communications professional with over 16 years experience in corporate, educational, and entrepreneurial roles. I exist at the intersection of marketing and design. I help businesses stand out by implementing a cohesive visual marketing strategy.

I have opened two design studios, founded an art gallery, and created visual work ranging from Web development to technical illustration to entire textbook design. I have also served as marketing manager for clients large and small, where I've designed, implemented, and maintained marketing plans that include ad placement, coordination with publicists, coordination with other agencies, content creation, social media, and email marketing. I have had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects for publishing companies, educational institutions, and multiple consumer-based industries, as well as build brand identities for several technology startups. I have helped dozens of clients and hundreds of students achieve their visual communication goals.

My impetus for these pursuits comes from a desire to explore and understand how art and design intersect with cognitive processes and corporate environments. A practitioner at heart, I want to understand these issues from the inside out, by charging deep into the mire and clawing my way back out again. There is real opportunity to investigate visual issues from an analytical perspective, so I set up platforms on which I can experiment and observe—platforms that become grand projects or business ventures in and of themselves. I seek to witness how visual design affects learning, behavior, and perception; how people react to imagery, both "fine art" and "commercial design." I find truth in critical theory, but I also seek to understand the science behind perception, and the cold hard facts about visual design in marketing and business. In my own work, I dig deep; I take risks; I constantly make things.

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